Flyer First Timer

Posted by Nikita Geral on

Flyer First Timer

Ultimately, we we all want our flyer designs to look and feel as good as the image we have in mind. Making an effective business flyer the first time around ensures that your invested resources hit the return on investment you need.

Fabulous flyer tips

  1. Keep your content brief (Have a goal in mind)

  2. Catchy headlines (Hook them)

  3. Digestible sections (Easy reading & pleasing to the eye)

  4. Use bullet points and infographics (Better understanding, get the point across)

  5. Call-to-Action (“Call us“ , “Order Today”)

  6. Include all your information (Bottom part of flyer - address / contact number / email )

  7. Use High Resolution images

  8. Use Colour to connect

  9. Stick to 2 - 3 Fonts

  10. Always proofread your content