Brochure Boffin

Posted by Nikita Geral on

A brochure lets customers know you are a serious company with reliable credentials and dependable business practices. Many clients want to see evidence of experience before they do business with a company.

Best Brochure Tips

  1. Command Attention with the design (Catch your client's attention)

  2. Attract attention (Make people pause)

  3. Colour is Important (Set the tone with colour)

  4. Pick the Right Font (Your font must fit the look ie. Fun, serious etc.)

  5. White Space Strategy (This is empty space that is as important as images and text)

  6. Choose the correct Fold (One panel at a time is displayed and this presentation helps to prevent the reader from being bombarded with too much information at once)

  7. Give your Brochure life with HD images .